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Lego Pancho Villa
Season 1, Episode 3
The Death of Pancho Villa 0001 0001.jpg
Air date March 27, 2010
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The Siege of Santa Cruz
The Widow of Pancho Villa

The Death of Pancho Villa is the third episode and the feature brickfilm of the Lego Pancho Villa brickseries. It is the first to have voices and on-screen dialogue.


As Pancho Villa leaves the town of Parral, he is surprised by his soldaderas, who give him a last farewell. A conspirator is waiting for Villa to hop on the car to aim at him. As Villa and Ramon drive through the street, Villa is shot.


  • Isabela Castres as "María" (as "La Indita Belen")
  • Valente Q. Castro as "Pancho Villa"