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thumb|300px|right The Adventures of Time is a 2010 short low-budget film starring Valente Q. Castro, Isabela Castres, and 'El Chefo' Elías' in his film debut.


It conveys the story of a sheriff, his assistant, and a saloon girl whom pleads them for a ride back to her Mexican hometown. However, she is raptured by a time machine operated by a medieval knight, who also transports the sheriff and his assistant to the Middle Ages. Due to pre-production cuts, the film ends there and no solution or climax is ever finished. Although it is planned that a sequel which will finish the story to be filmed in a "live-action" style exclusive of the studios, this has not yet been confirmed. The short however did won the GoldMinifigure Award for "Best Special Effects" of 2011.

Awards and nominations[]

Year Ceremony Award Result
2011 1st GoldMinifigure Awards "Best Story" Nominated
2011 1st GoldMinifigure Awards "Best Set Decoration" Nominated
2011 1st GoldMinifigure Awards "Best Special Effects" Won
2011 1st GoldMinifigure Awards "Best Starring Role" Won