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Quintero-Castro Studios (Spanish: Estudios Quintero-Castro) is an independent film production group founded in December 27, 2009. It has a distributor which is also a subsidary in YouTube, QuinteroCastroFilms.

Early history (2006-2009)[]

Originally founded when on production for the short film, Valente Q. Castro's The Ten Commandments, Quintero-Castro Studios has been active since 2006. The aforementioned short was a reenactment using LEGO minifigures, and used the original audio from the original classic biblical-epic The Ten Commandments, directed by Cecil B. DeMille. The short was eventually erased, and another production was filmed, Lego Ma and Pa Kettle: Back on the Farm. The short was also a reenactment of a Ma and Pa Kettle film. The studios built two main sets for the short, the Kettles' town home and their broken-down farm.

As the popular film medium of using LEGOs was growing popular since the late 1990s, Quintero-Castro Studios decided to release its brickfilms on YouTube.

Distributing with QuinteroCastroFilms (2010-present)[]

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Award festival[]

The film production also holds an annual film-festival which bestows awards to its films, characters, and actors; the most recent has been the 1st GoldMinifigure Awards of 2011. The company is known for its lavish, and colorful interpretations of historical, biblical, and comical stories shot in a contemporary manner of the classical Technicolor-epic films with LEGO-brand minifigures and elaborate sound stage-like sets.


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