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Lego The Munsters
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Yvonne DeCarlo

Al Lewis

Beverley Owen

Butch Patrick

Fred Gwynne

Lego The Munsters is an upcoming brickseries that renacts the famous 1960's sitcom, The Munsters.


The brickfilm is in the form of the same intro of The Munsters, but it is done with Lego minifigures. It also credits the original cast.

Characters and Cast[]

  • Yvonne DeCarlo is Lily, who is the "thinking" head of the family. She decides what's right or wrong.
  • Al Lewis is Grandpa, the Count of Shroudshire, he is the father of Lily.
  • Beverley Owen is Marilyn, the normal family member, the ugly duckling in the Munster family.
  • Butch Patrick is Eddie, the only son of Herman and Lily.
  • Fred Gwynne is Herman, the Frankenstein monster, who is the "head" of the family.

Set Location[]

The set for the Munster Mansion is a modified LEGO 4996 Beach House, cobwebs are added as well as a front gate. The address of the Munster Mansion is 1313 Mockingbird Lane, Mockingbird Heights, CA