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Lego Pancho Villa
Lego Pancho Villa.jpg
Title card
Directed by Valente Q. Castro
Written by Valente Q. Castro
Release date March 15, 2010
Studio Quintero-Castro Studios
Distributor QuinteroCastroFilms
IMDb [1]

Lego Pancho Villa is a Quintero-Castro Studios brickseries that portrays fictional events of the life of the famous Mexican revolutionary, Pancho Villa. It is composed of two short episodes and one brickfilm.

Background Story[]

Pancho Villa and his wife, María Luz Corral.

The brickseries is based on the Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa, who along with his soldaderas, or soldier women, take part in battles against the cruel brutalism of the Mexican Federal Army.

In the end, a conspirator assasinates him, and his widowed wife, María Luz Corral de Villa, seeks forth revenge toward the evil assasinator of her husband.


  • Pancho Villa voiced by Valente Q. Castro
  • María Ramos Ledesma "La Doña" voiced by Isabela Castres
  • Elvira Marin Sotelo "La Viejita"
  • Candelaria Jarias Marin "La Borracha"



# Name Release date
1 "Lego Pancho Villa and his Soldaderas" March 15, 2010
2 "The Siege of Santa Cruz" March 15, 2010


# Name Release date
1 The Death of Pancho Villa March 27, 2010