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Lego Ma and Pa Kettle
First appearance
Lego Ma Kettle vs. Granny (2010)
Full Names
Pa = Franklin Kettle Clampett Ma = Pheobe (née Denoe) Kettle
Kettle Farmhouse, Kettle Mansion
Pa = Mournful Hollow, Arkansas Ma = Cape Flattery, Washington
Pa = farmhusband, father Ma = housewife, mother
Based on
Ma and Pa Kettle (1947-1957) played by Marjorie Main and Percy Kilbride

Lego Ma and Pa Kettle are Lego minifigure comic characters who first appeared in the short, Ma Kettle vs. Granny. They are based on the original film series of the 1950's. They are the starring characters of four short subjects produced by Quintero-Castro Studios. They were nominated for a GoldMinifigure Award for "Best Character" during the 1st GoldMinifigure Awards.


Ma Kettle (Phoebe Kettle) is Pa's wife who is content with her role of the mother of 15 kids. She is a hardworker and her iconic symbols are the owl's nest hairstyle, apron, and her broom.

Pa Kettle (Franklin Kettle) is Ma's husband who is lazy and justs sits in his rocking chair on their dilapidated old farmhouse. His iconic symbols are: the derby, the scarf, and his walking cane.

Appearance in films[]