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Lego La Wapiliona is the working title of an upcoming brickfilm based on the life of a Nahua woman named Malinche, also known as "Mother of the Mestizos", and her transformation from being Cortés' mistress to that of the legendary character "La Llorona". The film's title La Wapiliona is another name given to La Llorona in rural Jalisco, it was given such name so that it would sound more different. It is scheduled to be released in English and Spanish.


The film starts with the encounter of Hernan Cortés (Valente Q. Castro) and Malinche (Isabela Castres), as he spares her life declaring that "she might be useful". After the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs (not depicted in the short), Cortés and Malinche decapitate Cuauhtémoc. The short then crossfades Malinche in native garb to her new personality Doña Marina in colonial garments. Later when they have their child, Cortés declares that they will separate and that he will marry Catalina de Xuárez, a Spanish noblewoman from Cuba. For vengeance, Marina spears their son's body, and later mourns in the "llorona" outfit through a river nearby. As another native woman, María (María Elena Velasco), fills her jar in the river with water, she sings "hay de mi, llorona... llorona lleveme al rio", and is later scared by the "real" Llorona which happens to me Marina.