Lego Joan of Arc
Run time
approx. 5-6 min
historical drama
Written by
Valente Q. Castro
Directed by
Valente Q. Castro
Joan d'Arc

Jacques d'Arc

Isabelle Romée

Durand Lassois

Sir Robert de Baudricourt

Count-Bishop Pierre Cauchon
United States
Youtube channel
Release Date

'''''Lego Joan of Arc is an upcoming brickfilm based on the heroic maid of France, Joan of Arc. The brickfilm is estimated to be more than 5 minutes long, it is also planned to have astounding special set decorations. The film is based on the 1948 classic, Joan of Arc, starring Ingrid Bergman.


Farm girl Joan pleads help from God after she hears voices coming from heaven. As she has a flashback, her uncle Durand (who is a jester) passes by to walk to nearby Vaucouleurs. Joan tells him to accompany her along the walk and he accepts. At Vaucouleurs, Sir Robert de Baudricourt denies access for Joan to visit the royal court at Chinon, but advises her to wait for him at night. In the evening Baudricourt comes along with Jean d'Mertz, who will be her guardian throughout her entire journey to defeat the English and deliver France to God.

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