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Lego El Chavo
Original run
March 26, 2010 - April 1, 2010
Original channel
No. of seasons
No. of episodes
Mexican Spanish
Country(s) of Origin
United States / Mexico
Opening theme
"El Chavo del Ocho"
by Jean-Jacques Perrey
syndicated on YouTube
Made for
Mexicans, Americans, and Chespirito fans

Lego El Chavo, also known as Lego El Chavo del Ocho, is a Quintero-Castro Studios brickseries. It is currently the most-viewed brickseries combined.


Around the many adventures and misadventures, the Professor Jirafales comes to visit Doña Florinda (after she had slapped Don Ramón), and like always they blush at each other. (summary of episode 1)

After that day, Chilindrina is playing hopscotch in "el patio" when La bruja leaves a cake on the table. When Doña Clotilde (La bruja) finds out, she scares Chilindrina away. Chavo hits Quico and he falls to the ground. La bruja trips on him and makes a hilarious fall. (summary of episode 2)

New Season[]

The creator of the film has announced that he is to make fourteen episodes more, all centering on a drama that revolves around the characters, and their discovered names of Feliciano Chagoya (Chavo) and Cleotilde Seca (La Bruja). However, only two more episodes have been filmed but not yet released.


Season 1[]

  • What a Miracle!
  • For That Cake!
  • The Engagement (filming)
  • The Wedding (filming)

Season 2[]

  • Chilindrina, dear
  • For Goodness Sake!
  • Cleotilde Seca, criminal
  • Sorry

Season 3[]

  • Chano Chagoya 'El Chavo'
  • Farewell, Mr. Barriga
  • Don Ramon Apartments
  • Chavo's mother

Season 4[]

Season four is pending for the episode names.