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thumb|300px|rightLa Vecindad Montemayor: Nana's Animals is a 2010 short film directed by Quintero-Castro Studios, starring Nana in a GoldMinifigure Award-winning role and guest star Antonio Castro as Saulito. The short depicts a middle-aged man troubled over the fact that his granddaugther brought over animals to their anti-pet apartment. The film inspired its spin-off series, La vecindad Montemayor. The short is in English and introduces the "Saulito" character, with a raspy lengthy voice. Nana, on the other hand, does not appear in the spin-off series but does a quaintly significant role in the short. The short was revised and restored in a High Definition 720p format on November 10, 2011.


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The setting depicts an old vecindad, which indeed is the same La Vecindad set from the Lego El Chavo shorts. Animals include a toy "Donkey" from the Shrek movies. The short was originally planned to be in a English-language series of the same name, but producers decided that in Spanish, the storyline would be most accepted. The short's titles were hand-written, and luminous-keyed in with the film. A hint of a probable "series" pilot was that Antonio Castro was billed as a Guest Star. Following actors who would have the same billing would be Isabela Castres and 'El Chefo' Elías, but these succeeding episodes were never released nor filmed.

The original 2010 release, compared to the revised 2011 HD version.

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