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1st GoldMinifigure Awards
October 3, 2011
Most nominations

The 1st GoldMinifigure Awards was the first competitive film-festival hosted by Quintero-Castro Studios, and honoring its films, characters, and voice actors of 2010 and 2011 inclusively with the GoldMinifigure Award accolade in six different categories. Winners of the festival include series' character "Pancho Villa", the films Lego Beach House Burns!, Lego Ahab and Jezebel, Gone with the Brick, The Adventures of Time, and newcomer voice-actress Nana.

Regular competitive categories were

  1. "Best Character"
  1. "Best Story"
  1. "Best Set Decoration"
  1. "Best Color"
  1. "Best Special Effects"
  1. "Best Starring Role"

The film with the most nominations was The Adventures of Time, acquiring four nominations for "Best Story", "Best Set Decoration", "Best Special Effects", and "Best Starring Role".

Awards and nominations[]

Awards Nominees Winners
Best Character "Pancho Villa"
Best Story

Lego Beach House Burns!

Best Set Decoration Lego Ahab and Jezebel
Best Color Gone with the Brick
Best Special Effects The Adventures of Time
Best Starring Role


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